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The mobile app is coming, for now the forum is up and running and we would love your input on trucks, events and app function.

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For now the forum is available. Get started there and your input is welcome on trucks, events and what the app should do to make Food Trucks more accessible in your area.

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Food Trucks, last stand of the independent chef!


The explosion of food trucks in the US is not just an accident. There are a lot of people that want to start their own business and have a true passion for cooking. In the past this usually meant a small restaurant or sandwich shop. Unfortunately the cost of entry for a lot of folks is not realistic when you think of these traditional restaurant models. This leaves the foodies of the world with many bland corporate options. The purpose of this site, the related forum and the mobile app in development is to make the food truck business more profitable and less complicated through effective marketing. And to help spread the food truck phenomena. Even if your truck has the best food on the planet it doesn't matter if you can't get the customer to you. This is a problem that we at Wheeled Food hope to solve. This is not just another app, our vision is to be a true marketing partner with the food truck industry and offer the tools that can really help the food trucker make real progress with their business.

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Start in the forum to ask questions or just lurk for more information.