About Us


Food trucks!

I always enjoyed the food truck concept since I was a kid. Back then it would usually be just burgers and hot dogs sold out of a converted bus or RV.

The world has moved on since then, but the foods on offer are much more interesting and the operators of the trucks are even more committed to providing a real culinary experience. This site and the app are truly all about the food trucks...

My Story

I have worked in technology for decades, but like many worked in food service when I was just starting out in the world. If I could I would love a restaurant of my own, but since that is not an option I hope to use my experience to help food truckers be more successful and develop a marketing partnership that makes a difference.

Meet the Team

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JT McGinnis


Enjoying the trucks at the Thomas Creek Halloween Event.


Sean S

IT Guru

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Tim S


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Next Steps...

If you want to support your local trucks, and enjoy some of the best food you can get, download the app and start sampling great American food!